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Reader's favoritesIn Seven Beyond, the Longists have been searching for their new home. In a forced exodus from their home in order to survive the destruction of their planet, many members stayed back to become the voice of the dead. Prophecies, blood feuds, and all kinds of adventures unfold in the journey to the Blue Mountains of Flint. In an odd combination of this real world, and some kind of extraterrestrial journey, Stella Atrium has created a vastly different kind of fantasy and science fiction story than anything that is out there today.

I love me some fantasy, and Seven Beyond by Stella Atrium was one of the most unique and original takes on the genre that I have seen in a good long while. It was a cross between epic fantasy with the hero’s journey and an epic quest and all that, with science fiction and the use of planets and grave destruction as a kind of apocalyptic story line. What I loved the most about the story was that it was so plot driven. Yes, you get a good feel for the characters, but the fact that every scene had something going on, every action affected the outcome of the story, and every character had a role in the eventual climax of the story was great. This was a fun ride and I was deeply sad when it was over. The best books end that way, and if you love stories like that, give Seven Beyond a chance!


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