Dolvia Saga

SufferStone: Book I 

SufferStoneSynopsis:  On Dolvia the women of the savannah serve under the burka, but Kyle Le was denied that covering by tribal leaders.

Only her gift of second sight and the mortgage on her father’s land protects her and her three sisters.

Kyle Le meets Brian Miller, a Softcheeks who teaches her about off world politics and accumulating wealth while she teaches him the words of power from Mekucoo.

Working alongside the warrior Cyrus, they labor against the mining enterprise that robs the savannah of its mineral wealth and leaves the tribes with only the scarred and suffering land.

Early responses include Lisa DuMond, an online reviewer of science fiction, who wrote:

“… an intriguing tale. The struggle to overcome oppression, to preserve a way of life, to maintain compassion in a cold and hateful conflict, is always interesting and involving … Atrium has a fl air for creating and maintaining an atmosphere of mysticism and mystery … she stays true to the situation, never slipping out of the frame she has set.”

HeartStone: Book II of the Dolvia Saga

HeartStone_smallListed with the top 13 indie books for July 2012 by Kirkus Reviews!

Synopsis:  On Dolvia’s unforgiving savannah, a chance meeting between stubborn and surefooted Dr. Greensboro, an Earth-born research doctor, and the abandoned boy soldier Karlyhi sets into motion a series of events that change the tribal structure, even as Dr. Greensboro’s efforts may increase the opportunities for the veiled women of one tribe.

When Dr. Greensboro catches Karlyhi abusing Brianna, an orphan who is used by everybody but valued by nobody, the doctor is forced to banish Karlyhi from her bush clinic. How could she foresee that Karlyhi and Brianna will turn against her colonial mindset, no matter how hard she tries to prove that she labors for their best interests?

“…a rich saga with gripping, character-centered storylines… Atrium expertly sketched a new world leaving out no details. I especially enjoyed all the bird references, and the plot line featuring the Gualareps’ powers was original and powerful.”
— Scribendi

 StrikeStone: Book III of the Dolvia Saga

“Stella Atrium has a facility with language, and a vision of her world that is compelling. I understand why reviewers say just dive in. I was there. I was in the room when Brianna discovered who her guests really were and what they wanted from her.”   — Melanie Hamilton of Underrated Reads

Enjoy this ARC review of Book III at Rabid Readers Review!StrikeStone cover

StrikeStone is a sci-fi masterpiece. Imagine a small planet just slightly removed from our own and accessible via wormhole with two moons, a rich savannah, and a ritualistic culture — and you have Dolvia. One need not read the first two novels to appreciate the beauty and elegance of Atrium’s new world in StrikeStone, but reading the novel certainly made this reader want to pick up the previous two.

The plot has everything a reader could want. Action, adventure, humor, romance… Atrium’s beautifully descriptive style sweeps us up and carries us into this new world. We are invested. We need to know what happens next.”

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