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It’s not enough to say we care about the plights of women in other cultures. We must raise our own knowledge and the awareness of others. This page includes some organizations that labor for women’s rights, career and work opportunities, loan possibilities, and charities.

Please be informed and speak often of how friends and neighbors can contribute to improve the living standards of all workers who are women in all corners of the world.

The groups mentioned here represent only a small fraction of those who labor to raise the quality of life for women all around the world. I receive no compensation for including the sites I find valuable. is my favorite among the many sites that help women and struggling families because Kiva provides small loans to business women who otherwise have no access to money of any kind.

Explore the many stories on the website and donate any amount to people who pay the money back.

This site as part of the United Nations addresses many issues including poverty, AIDS, violence and wars. A good starting place to view the size of many issues pertaining to women.

The Global Fund for Women addresses issues of women’s health, security, education and leadership — mostly through grants to NGOs in suffering countries.

One interesting area is documenting the effects of pesticides on women who labor in the fields. For more information, visit this article.

AWID has a wealth of articles about legal issues for women in various countries and what organizations speak for the cultural women when governments take no care of them.

This article on the Equality Now website discusses “bride kidnapping” which is still a common practice in some Muslim states, especially the “stan” countries south of Russia.

The website contains a wealth of articles and links to organizations that advocate for global women’s rights, including downloads for books and speeches from leaders (mostly at conferences)

Also see Women Living under Muslim Law

Women for Women Org Women International Trade