Stop Slavery

Issues of child slavery and human trafficking are stressful to consider, so we often turn away with excuses like “That’s not my problem; I cannot save them all.” We can no longer ignore issues and live free. Our quality of life is built on their quality of life.

“It’s a zero sum equation.”

Please be informed and speak often of how friends and neighbors can contribute to improve the living standards of girls at risk in all countries.

The groups mentioned here represent only a small fraction of those who labor to raise the quality of life for women all around the world. I receive no compensation for including the sites I find valuable.

Although this website asks for donations on each page, the sponsorship of children (or a village) is a great cause — action you can take at home.

Girls are Not for Sale

Girls Educational Mentoring Services supports this movement to prevent child slavery. Be aware and be active!


This website address many facets of rights for women and girls, and has an informative human trafficking section.


This site contains articles on human trafficking, work & labor, justice, science, and cultures. The news books section highlights Mariam Sobh who discusses a head scarf in the workplace.