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Unrequited Love is Key to Keeping Fans

Here we find the real problem of women as heroes. A female hero succeeds when she finds a protector while she goes about producing the next generation. A guy hero succeeds when he rides off into the sunset to the next adventure. No matter how well written for style, scholarship, pacing, plot, or level of diction – the fans of our stories ride along on a fantasy that resides in the hero’s (or heroine’s) unrequited love. It’s the story of unrequited love that captures the fans. Continue reading

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Love/Hate Gene Wolfe

Gene Wolfe inspired me to write when I was younger, and by example expanded my courage to take chances for breaking the rules and following my characters into new territory. But his stories also make me pull my hair out, like he betrays the reader after so carefully gaining her trust. Do you have a similar frustration with Wolfe or with a favorite author? Continue reading

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